Newone Motors dedicates to customer's safety, dignity and freedom with our trustworthy business philosophy!

Newone motors stands for customer's perspective and pursue our missions.

1. The safest vehicle / meet the international regulation
2. The most convenient vehicle / maintain riding quality and secure the usability
3. The best design / clean and modern aesthetic
Dear Clients,

It’s Newone Motors who is the best company specialized in the vehicle conversion. Newone Motors was established by our CEO, Mr. Jong Kie Kim who had accumulated a long experience in the overseas market like U.S.A., Europe etc. who have an advanced technology in the field of the conversion, development of the vehicle and the equipments related to the disabled, in order to show the vehicle for the disabled which is more specialized and safe and upgraded more to the customers in R.O.K. with the motto of ‘the best company specialized in the vehicle for the disabled’.

We manufacture the wheelchair accessible vehicle for the disabled which matches up the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration : organization which make and fulfill the provisions for the safety of all the vehicles in U.S.A.) of U.S.A. and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act : regulations related to the disabled in U.S.A.) and European certification (VCA) and the safety test meets the standard of the advanced country. And also it shows the better quality and the safety through the engineering which meets the design of the existing original vehicle and it proves it’s safety one more time through the certification in our country and the abroad.

Also the 15 passenger van which we developed firstly in Korea is being produced and sold for the first time in Korea after passing by the same test as the test which the companies who produce the original vehicles get. So it makes the demand of our customers who have been waiting for 15 passenger van to be satisfied and also it is creating a new demand, capturing the customers with the superior quality.

So our 15 passenger van and the wheelchair accessible vehicle are the vehicles which meets the circumstances in our country and abroad and it can solve the anxiety of the customers. And we promise to make for you the vehicle with the better quality and safety in the future also.

CEO of Newone Motors Kim Jong Kie