Newone Children's Vehicle

Children's Vehicle Catalog download Renewed Newone Children’s Vehicle with improved interior space and safety.

Children’s Vehicle Introduction

- Economy and efficiency are improved with its increased number of passengers from 12 to 15 thanks to Newone’s cutting edge extension technology.

Vehicle features

High roof with safety lamps
  • Highly mounted safety lamps significantly lower the chance of accident.
  • High roof offers spacious interior.
Stop sign
  • Clear visual notice prevents potential collision with cars or motorcycles approach from behind when passengers are getting on and off.
Automatic foot step
  • Operates simultaneously with the sliding door.
  • Simple mechanism enhances its durability.
  • Also can be operated manually.
Rear view mirror for children’s safety
  • Mirrors installed on both side of the front bumper provides additional visibility for children’s safety when they are getting on and off.

Product Specification

Vehicle safety test certificate

Safety Test