Carnival Rear-Entry

Rear-entry Cadalog Download With the realization of weight reduction of car with the slope of the simple structure, the application of comfortable high roof, the improvement of way of getting on/off the vehicle for the wheelchair user, the reinforcement of nonslip and the application of tools for fixing the wheelchair which has a high reliability, it takes responsibility for the safety and the convenience.

Introduction of Rear-entry vehicle

Safe Vehicle

- Reinforced material for lowered floor for enhanced durability.
- Folding wheelchair ramp operating with power sliding door.
- Wheelchair mount (EZ- Lock) installed on all seat positions.
   Original seats are interchangeable.

Convenient Vehicle

- Lowered floor offers a convenient and spacious interior.
- User friendly interface is applied on each functional area.

Good Design

- Intuitive and modern design specially for wheelchair passengers.
- Efficient body structure and premium interior design for safety and comfort.

Vehicle features

Lowered floor box
  • Securing visibility at night with installed LED lights.
  • Semi permanent floor material to prevent leaking, sliding and corrosion.
  • Safety proven front and rear wheelchair fixture.

Angled ramp
  • Opened shape ramp towards the ground for stability.
  • Improved material resistancy against the physical damage and corrosion.
  • Newone’s exclusive rear bumper connection for seamless bumper design.