Carnival Side-Entry

Side-entry Catalog download Simplified structure and mechanism of the wheelchair ramp helps the vehicle ligt weight. Improved not only the way of ingress and egress of the vehicle, also the anti-slip performance. With its reliable wheel chair floor mount, side- entry guarantees safety and convenience.

Side-entry vehicle introduction

Safe Vehicle

- Reinforced material for lowered floor for enhanced durability.
- Folding wheelchair ramp operating with power sliding door.
- Wheelchair mount (EZ- Lock) installed on all seat positions.
   Original seats are interchangeable.

Convenient Vehicle

- Lowered floor offers a convenient and spacious interior.
- User friendly interface is applied on each functional area.

Good Design

- Intuitive and modern design specially for wheelchair passengers.
- Efficient body structure and premium interior design for safety and comfort.

Vehicle features

Foldable wheelchair ramp
  • When the sliding door is opened, the ramp can be operated with remote controller.
  • When the ramp is fully spreaded, the angle from the ground to the back of the ramp is 8 degree.

Space for maximum 3 wheelchairs
  • Including driver, passenger and 2nd row seats, maximum 3 wheelchairs can be on board. Three regualr seats are still available in 3rd row seat.
  • The driver and passenger seats are interchangeable with original seats.